About Us

Thank you for visiting Bobcat Brass!

We are your #1 source for ammo brass online.  We pride ourselves on providing the finest quality brass at the most competitive prices.  

--Currently we provide Cleaned Brass.  All orders are cleaned with stainless steel pins and quickly dried to provide a shiny, "like-new" finish.  Orders are also overfilled approx 3-4% to ensure the correct amount of usable casings.   As of now, the rest of the processing is up to the buyer.  This is not live ammo.

--We work hard on providing an up to date website for our customers.  With the occasional auction or gun show, our inventory may get off track at some point.  With that said, all orders will still be filled in the order they arrived.  To make up for the delay, we will overfilled the orders a little extra for the customer.  

At Bobcat Brass, we take customer service very seriously.  If you are not completely satisfied, we ask you to contact us by phone by email @sales@bobcatbrass.com.  We promise to resolve the issue ASAP.

The Bobcat Brass Team